How I Turned a Site With No Domain Authority To A Traffic Magnet


Clicks in 12 Months


Impressions in 12 Months


For “1 minute short film ideas”


Short Film Hacks is a film blog that I created to discuss anything related to short films, based on my experience with filmmaking as a hobby and in my video production class back in high school. I discussed topics like storytelling, editing, and film fundamentals


SEO Tools Used


September 2022 to September 2023



SEO Strategy

Technical SEO


There was no domain authority because this was a brand new domain that I bought back in August 2022 and I never put any effort into either of this because it was only a personal project to put my SEO knowledge to the test.

With the exception of a cheap WordPress font I found online and the paid tools, there was no budget into the project as well. No money paid for content writing, site design, or collaborations with other creators.


Initial Keyword Research

I started off by doing some keyword research, looking for short film related keywords that had some volume and weren’t insanely difficult to rank for. I ended up deciding on 5 keywords to attempt to rank for 5 different articles:

  • how to make a short film
  • 1 minute short film ideas
  • films inspired by music
  • how to edit a short film
  • short film promotion

Content Strategy

Once the keyword research was all set up, I used Rank Math and SEMrush to properly analyze our competition for these keywords and craft unique content that would be useful to the readers and that Google would deem relevant to feed to users.

Site Speed Optimization

To get the technical SEO on point for this website, I needed to ensure that the site was loading quickly. To accomplish this, I downloaded the plugins Async JavaScript, Autoptimize, Lazy Load – Optimize Images, and WP Fastest Cache and optimized the settings to ensure the loading time was good here.

Keyword Research - I did a simple search through SEMrush and looked for keywords pertaining to short films and art that could make could articles to center around. Here is the data I got from SEMrush

Website Design - I used the Socrates theme on WordPress to create a basic layout for the website. I also primarily used classic editor to create a distraction-free environment to make the fundamental optimizations to the site. On the top right, you can also see a lead capture box that I created for the purposes of lead generation.


Even though I stopped publishing content on the site to gauge the results of my efforts, it definitely grew beyond what I originally intended, showing the power of organic search when the intentions are well defined and you’re emphasizing best practices.

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