About Me

About Me

Just Optimizing The Moments When I Can

I’m based in the LA Metro Area and have lived here for the last 18 years since I immigrated from my native Peru. In pursuit of my American Dream, I found my love for digital marketing and continue to push myself  to succeed, wherever I go.


I started my path with digital marketing by taking a course online and with that, building connections in the digital marketing and SEO community. After testing out my SEO knowledge with my own website on short films, I started gaining clients and working on internships in startups. A few months later, I started working at an agency setting with Agency Elevation, where I get to work on the career I love and learn from some amazing, experienced SEO experts. Best of all, it came without any student debt or regrets about the years I’ve freed up by pursuing this path.

Featured In

I was interviewed by the creator of the digital marketing course I took, so give it a watch if you want to learn more about my story

I have also been featured in the following outlets as well